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Rebozo Me Mommy is a blending of gentle parenting practices with the ancient knowledge of my ancestors. I have been sharing the wonders of the rebozo for years and discovered that the very things that will calm and relax a woman in labor, did the same for my children. Rebozo Me Mommy takes gentle parenting and my love for the rebozo and spells out how to help your children feel grounded, centered and connected to you. This seemingly simple piece of fabric holds a kind of magic that parents keep telling me is a “game changer”. The rebozo can be used with new borns, toddlers, tweens and teens. You can even use the rebozo on your significant other! The rebozo is an ancient technology that is not just for women in labor. It is a part of my heritage that I am so happy to share with you.

HOW TO SELL YOUR CLIENTS A BRIDGE  covers the history of the rebozo and how best to introduce it to your clients with confidence. Included in this book, are the mistakes I have made in the past regarding introducing the rebozo to my clients, and how you can avoid making those same mistakes with yours. While the book focuses on the Rebozo, the techniques that you will be introduced to you range from Sales to Psychology.

“Beginning your journey as a birth keeper often takes you outside your comfort zone with the amount of knowledge and intimacy that being in service of others during childbirth asks of us. Gena Kirby’s candid look into the challenges with touching learning moments and her humor will guide you on our own journey of discovery and confidence. You will feel Gena’s gentle doula hand and rebozo wrapped around you as she talks and Yes, her doula tips to introduce the rebozo in a pre-natal visit are wonderful tools to add to your practice!.”-DEBRA PASCALI-BONARO


The rebozo position guide is a Visual Aide to help remind past students techniques and ideas learned in Gena’s workshop. The guide addresses all of the major techniques covered in the “Make The Partner Do It” Rebozo workshop. Photo Illustrations of each technique show you the correct positioning of the Rebozo and the partner for relaxation, comfort and assistance in pushing and delivery.

The Rebozo Positions Guide is a great temporary guide for doulas who have an idea about the rebozo but would like to know more. I highly recommend you take a live workshop or my online workshop to accompany this guide.

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