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Why Book Gena for your Events?

What Gena does

Gena Kirby enjoys what she does, and it shows. Her dedication to her craft of changing birth and parenting around the Globe is real, and she makes people want to be a part of it.

Most of us have been to lectures where, after the first five minutes, the goal becomes to keep ourselves awake rather than learn as much as we can. Finding that rare speaker who combines great information with an engaging delivery can mean the difference between your registrants clamoring for next year’s event or simply daydreaming about what they will be having for lunch.

With Gena, you will laugh, you may cry. Her wicked and quick sense of humor underlie everything she does. Her empathetic nature conveys all the ‘feelings’ surrounding birth and parenting to her audience as she feels them. Her greatest talent is taking even the oldest information and deliver it in a way that connects all the dots for her audience.

Gena Kirby is in demand around the Globe for a reason; the recipe for the success of her ‘Make the Partner Do it’ Rebozo workshop is one part great information, two parts the ability to engage her audience, and three parts humor, sensitivity, and pure Love.

Let’s Do This



I am most widely known for my “Make the Partner Do It” Rebozo Workshop, however, I speak to many topics related to birth. By framing ideas in ways that give your listeners a different perspective, they gain new insights on even the most widely discussed topics.


There are just too many topics related to parenting for any one person to speak to all of them. My time as a board member of Attachment Parenting International solidified my belief in gentle parenting, especially around the topics surrounding newborns. Having a daughter with Down Syndrome, I especially love speaking to the issues related to parenting a special needs child.

Around the Globe

It’s very easy for people to get lost in the bubble that is their town, state, country or whatever. I, on the other hand, have never had that problem. I learn as much from traveling to teach you, as you do from my lectures. Because of this, I am open to traveling to a great many places.

Power Under The Hood

With all of the variable involved in holding an educational event, worrying about whether or not your guests will learn something should be the last thing on your mind. By having me speak at your event, you can rest assured that your guests will be empowered through the knowledge they gain, beginning with your event and continuing a lifetime.

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