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Birth Podcasts

We live in an amazing time where so much information is available to us about everything. Want to know how to poach and egg? BAM! Want to learn how to thread your eyebrows? BAM! Want to know what the capital of Peru is? BAM! It’s all available on the webs. But there is SO MUCH information it can get overwhelming. If you are an expectant to parent or a birth professional and want to know what’s going on in the world of Birthy-Pod Casts well I’m your Huckleberry.

If you want to know what’s going on the world of birth pod casts visit my website and I will give you the run down on what is going on, who is doing it and who I think is doing it best.

Let’s start with one of the newest birth podcasts out there:


Host: Christen Pascucci

About the host: Christen is an advocate for women’s rights in childbirth, founder of Birth Monopoly, co-creator of The Exposing the Silence Project and former Vice-president of Improving Birth.


This is the first episode of Birth Allowed that I listened to and had zero expectations other than thinking that the title was intriguing.

The show starts out simple enough and gets right to work, no fan fare or over production here, and I like that. Cristen’s guest was Dr. Jessana Cooper in Alabama. Dr. Coopers clinics has 1/2 the c section rate of other local hospitals in the area. Christen wanted to know why.

It turns out she never sought out to lower the c-section rate, what did happen was she changed the way she practed due to her feminist philosophies. When her clients became the decision makers she saw outcomes improve.


I expected to to hear a regular pod cast with facts etc. Instead this interview turned into an honest and vulnerable interview with Dr. Cooper. I was touched by her honesty and the topics that they broached.
In the CDP I did a Petite Training where I broached the idea that we, as doulas really needed to get a feel for what it’s like to be an Obstetrician. Why? So that we can better interact with docs, if we understand why they do what they do we can better articulate our clients needs. I suggested they read, Dr. Marsden Wagner’s book; Born in the USA: How a Broken Maternity System Must Be Fixed to Put Women and Children First.
While it’s a great read and I really feel all doulas should read it, this interview is a great way to get a good feel for what Dr. Wagner called “Tribal Obstetrics”.
This interview is a perfect way to better understand the mind of a doctor, thanks to the honesty and well, bravery of Dr. Cooper. It is rare to hear these realities spoken publicly. Topics discussed were:
* Mistakes and Why Doctors Can’t/Won’t/Don’t Discuss Them

*Sleep Deprivation

*The Culture of the Hospital


*The Blame Game

*How and When to Switch Care Providers



In a world where we hear that women are told the hospital is the safest option it was nice to hear a doctor say that there is no real way to eliminate risk.

My readers know what a nerd I am, so you can imagine my joy when the good doctor brought up Harry Potter

Cristen is an excellent interviewer. Her questions where perfect and led to a wonderful listen.

I give this episode of BIRTH ALLOWED a big thumbs up.

Next on my listening list was a show from someone who has been in the birth business for some time.


Hosts: Dr. Stuart Fischbein and Kimberly Durdin IBCLC Student Midwife

Dr. Stuart Fischbein is an Obstetrician in Southern California and has joined forces with Kimberly Durdin in this episode. It is a very informal format and sort of sounds like a morning radio show. But don’t let the laid back format fool you. While this episode, #109 was all about Safety VS Risk. And as serious as the topics were:

*Cesarean Sections

*Complications in Birth

*The Brainwashing of Physicians

*Senate Bill 457

I still found myself laughing outloud on numerous occasions. Dr. Stu and Kimberly work together beautifully and are very real and affable. They don’t talk over your head and break things down so that a layman can easily follow the flow of information. Dr. Stu is not just a doctor but also an activist. During the program he said:

“If the women of California would wake up it would cause such nervousness in Sacramento.”

He encouraged his listeners to go after their representatives and said:

“We need laws that guarantee the right of a woman to have a home birth.”

Well if that isn’t refreshing I don’t know what is. I loved this episode as it covered a lot in such a short amount of time (39 mins). By the end of the episode I was inspired to write my congressman and go to the Capital.I give this episode of DR.STU’S PODACST a :
Thanks For Making Me Think.

The third Podcast I caught was BIRTHFUL

Host: Adriana Lozada

Adriana’s show is slick and professional. The production value is excellent and sounds like a show you would catch on NPR. But the show isn’t just production value. The guests she gets on the show are great, and I am not just saying that because I have been a guest.

I’ve actually caught every show. This particular episode was an epic one. Dr. Neel Shah was an excellent guest and was a cornucopia of information and I found myself scrambling to write down all of the amazing sound bites he was dropping left and right. If you are a doula this is an excellent show to share with your clients. And if you blog it’s super easy to. See the little symbol above on the radio bar? It looks like this … </> click on that and you will see code that you can insert into your blog and your clients can listen to your favorite episodes right in your blog! Most podcasts have this feature, take advantage of it. Your favorite podcasts get exposure and your clients love you for sharing this info they might not have found on their own.

Do make it a point to listen to the Dr. Shah interview it was more than I could’ve hoped for. If you are a doula or an expectant parent this is a must podcast to catch. The stats are midnblowing and Dr. Shah and Adriana sound like two old pals and not two birth pros talking over your head.


I give this episode a:


Check Back here next week for three more reviews of different podcasts. Want me to review one of your favorites? Share it in a comment below.


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