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The Cultured Doula Program

The idea for the Cultured Doula came to me after years of touring this country and others, teaching doulas. What I discovered was that, when I would bring up an author, a movie, or a famous speaker in the birth world, my students would have no idea what I was talking about. I saw how doulas worldwide were communicating with one another on social media. Some of what I was sharing in my workshops, I thought was common knowledge, and as it turns out it wasn’t. I knew we needed to do something to help doulas become more well rounded, more, well, cultured, as doulas.

What does it mean to be cultured?

    • To be cultured means to be educated.
    • Knowing about a variety of subjects.
    • Being refined and sophisticated.
    • Being curious, unprejudiced, and open-minded.
    • Being tolerant and respectful of people who are different from us.
    • Living a life of excellence and discernment.


These are just a few, of the speakers we have lined up for this year. I am beyond excited to share these amazing individuals with you. This is an invaluable resource. These folks have enough wisdom to fill a library and they are all yours for 2017. Our instructors will share from their experiences, not just things they know but share mistakes they have made so you can learn from them, wisdom is a collection of our mistakes that we have learned from.




“No one knows it all. Asking questions about the things that you don’t know doesn’t make you unintelligent. You don’t have a million years on earth to make all the mistakes in the world and learn from them. You can learn from better informed people, and save yourself the headaches that come from making too many avoidable mistakes.”
Edmond Mbiaka

TCDP is an enrichment program for established doulas, or doulas just starting out. We are not a certification program. Again, the idea for the CDP was dreamed up after years of traveling the globe training doulas. What I found was that there were big gaps in what doulas knew. The CDP is my solution to fill in those gaps. Students will receive 50 lessons from over 38 instructors over a year (2017). The cost is $65 a month (now $49). Students must attend a Flock Yeah in 2017 or must be a past Flock Yeah attendee.



February 20, 2018

2 responses on "The Cultured Doula Program"

  1. You mentioned something on Facebook about wanting to be part of CDP but not having the funds??
    I’m so upset that I can’t go to the ‘flock yeah’ because of some serious financial obstacles lately.
    I am a rather new doula. You know one of my mentors I believe Michelle MacLean who is now one of your instructors (amazing lady!)
    I feel very strongly that being a doula is my calling & im good at it! But I feel like I’m floating along with so many things I need to really understand to strengthen my abilities and be the best doula I can be! Please let me know more information about cost if there is an option.
    Thank you for your inspiration!

    • You do NOT have to join a FY we just changed it as too many people are expressing they can’t. So we made it so I just have more one on one with you instead. I just want to make sure people GET what we are saying and sharing

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